Key points from last Sunday’s message by Rev’d David Shosanya. (18/10/2015)

Theme: Light of the World
Text:Matthew 5:1:16 The Light of The World!
1. Beatitudes – Let it be the attitude in side of you!
2. You’re supposed to be a light in the world, don’t feel condemned if you haven’t attained the beatitudes in your life!
3. On your day to day experience – live your life like you are the light of the world!
4. Ephesians 3:14 Don’t define yourself less then what God has called you to be! You are the Light of the world and the Salt of the world!
5. Model Jesus in your life and pronounce it to people!
6. Shine your light! If they’re looking for Jesus, let them find Him in You! He’s placed Light in you that radically defines you!
7. Believe that you are the Light of the world and Shine!
8. Even in your brokenness God can use you! It’s not just in your perfection that he can use you! Brokenness is inevitable to the human being, be available to God!
9. Allow people to take a pinch of salt from your life, do not pour too much salt over them because it ruins the flavour!
10. Proximity in the policies you do towards others! Direct Light to people, not just in prayer but be close with others! For the light of the knowledge of God, shines in the face of Christ Jesus!

Thanks to Olivia Lynch for providing these key points.