The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Cornerstone Parish, Loughborough was established in 2007. We are largely a youthful church comprising mostly college and university students. Over these years, we have grown in number and in Spirit to the glory of God. Our services and programs have expanded from Sunday worship to include:

  • Wednesday Bible study /prayer meeting,
  • Annual Youth Alive Conference,
  • Annual Women’s Conference,
  • Children service and
  • Regular academic empowerment programs for students.

The church has had a great impact on the lives of our college & university students. We also reach out and support our community through food donations and catering for the elderly.

In the last nine years, we have been renting places of worship and these rented spaces come with inconveniences such as: having no control over the time of our services, being asked to leave a venue as it pleases the landlords, moving instruments around before and after every meeting, often impairing their longevity. Despite these challenges, we thank God for our progress thus far. However, we believe that by God’s grace, we can make a bigger impact in our community with a space of our own; designed to meet our specific needs and to cope with the increasing number of worshippers. This new building will serve as a community centre where everyone is welcome.

To this end, we ask for your support to help us achieve this vision. You donation can be monthly, quarterly or a one off donation. We remain assured that with your support and God’s favour, this vision will be fulfilled.